Temperature Sensing - Arduino

One of the more interesting things I found to do with an Arduino is monitor temperatures remotely. In one case I used an Arduino with three sensors attached to monitor a server room's temperature, since the staff liked turning off the A/C when they got cold. Taking this a step further you can trigger a buzzer, turn on a fan and with programming on the computer attached to the Arduino, get the system to email you an alert.

But, for this example we are going to just monitor the temperature, if it changes it will send a text string to the serial port. OR the user can enter an upper or lower case 'T' to cause the Arduino to send you the current temperature.

We have made projects with other temperature sensing ICs but have found the LM35 to be the easiest to find, program and understand.

Picture 7

Picture 4
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Using a Serial Monitor or CoolTerm, you can monitor the USB port for data, or enter "T" to get current temperature.

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